Can I Win Money Playing Tetris?

Young or old, experienced gamer or not, everyone loves playing Tetris. But did you know you can win real money by busting blocks? Find out how to in our guide.

The World’s Most Successful Puzzler

If you’ve played videogames regularly in the last three decades, then there’s a very good chance you’ll have played Tetris. While hundreds of variations and spin-offs have come and gone, the underlying formula has remained unaltered since it first graced a handful of Soviet computer screens in the mid-Eighties.

How do I win money playing Tetris?

There are over 220 officially licensed versions of Tetris out there, but currently, none gives you the chance to play Tetris for real money. But don’t worry, because Sitago has the next best thing – Bricks Master

To play Bricks Master for real money, you’ll need to:

  • Log into your Sitago account (or sign up for one, if you don’t have one yet)
  • Deposit funds on your account (if you need to)
  • Click the button below, or open the game from the games lobby.
  • Select your buy-in amount
  • Hit the “Search” button to play

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Bricks Master – Block-Dropping Fun with Real Cash Winnings

Sitago’s Bricks Master offers classic puzzling fun with the opportunity to play against other players for real money.

In time-honoured fashion, blocks drop from the top of the screen, and players are awarded points for arranging these into lines, which then disappear. The player who gets the highest score during the round wins!

Play from as little as $1, or as much as $100, per round – and win up to $180 per game if you emerge victorious.

Tetris – a Brief History

Strange but true: the game we know and love as Tetris first started out life in – of all places – the computer centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1985. It was the brainchild of a young speech recognition researcher,  Alexey Pajitnov, who had been using the Academy’s computer, an Electronica 60, to develop games as a means of socialising with colleagues.

One of those games was Tetris, whose name is a combination of “Tetra” (a nod to the fact each shape used in the game is made of four squares) and “tennis” (his favourite sport). And while the early versions of Tetris lacked a scoring system, the game quickly went viral in the USSR – after Pajitnov’s colleagues at the Academy became hooked, it quickly spread to other institutions across the Soviet Union.

The next version to be released was one for IBM PCs, which also included colour graphics and a scoring system, and it was at that point that its popularity exploded. In 1986, it spread from the USSR to other European socialist countries, such as Poland and Hungary. But it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of the booming Western games industry.

What followed was a riveting tale of steely determination vs. the Iron Curtain, as parties in both the Soviet Union and the West sought to overcome the many hurdles of bringing Tetris from the socialist East to the capitalist West, which was brilliantly told in feature-length biopic, Tetris. But despite some major challenges, they were successful – European gamers were soon able to enjoy versions for their home computers in 1987, with Tetris hitting DOS PCs in North America in 1988.

The format Tetris is most associated with, however, is the Nintendo Game Boy. Nintendo had been impressed by Tetris’ simple-yet-addictive qualities, and saw it as the perfect game to bundle with its Game Boy handheld console when it was released in the West. With the Game Boy proving to be a runaway hit, Tetris joined the pantheon of mega-gaming franchises, alongside Mario, Zelda and the like.

But while Tetris had become synonymous with Nintendo as a result, in 1996, things changed again. The Russian authorities transferred the rights to Tetris back to Pajitnov, who founded The Tetris Company. As a result, Tetris has spread far and wide, gracing everything from the latest games consoles to iPods since then.

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